Food Allergy and Special Dietary Needs

The dining hall at Camp Minsi is committed to ensuring that all Scouts and leaders have the best meals possible while at camp. If you have any food allergies or other dietary restrictions, please complete the following form; in order for us to be prepared for your stay, we ask that you please complete this form at least two weeks prior to your arrival at camp.

Our dining hall staff is able to accommodate special dietary needs in two ways: (1) by providing enough variety in the menu and (2) by making reasonable substitutions for some (although not all) menu items in order to give Scouts well-rounded meals. You can view the full summer camp menu here.

In addition to the main entrees being served, we offer a diverse fruit, cereal and yogurt bar (at breakfasts) and wide-ranging salad bars (at lunches and dinners) where most campers can find nutritious items to accommodate their dietary preferences and/or allergies. Alternative sandwiches are also available upon requested from the kitchen at any meal. Our menus are well-rounded, nutritious and reviewed by a professional dietitian and nutritionist each year.

Vegetarian substitutes are available for all meals and we can provide some special food substitutes (for example, gluten-free breads and pastas) for campers specifying an allergy or intolerance prior to camp. Our dining hall staff understands the importance of accommodating special dietary needs and is highly aware of the ingredients in all the products used in our kitchen. Individuals with highly specialized dietary needs or preferences should talk with our dining hall staff prior to camp. In cases of a highly selective eaters with specific brand preferences or an extremely restrictive diet, the camper may be asked to bring some of their own food items to supplement what we provide.

While we attempt to provide meals which meet these special needs as much as possible, it is the responsibility of the individual Scout to avoid those foods that they are unable to eat. During check-in, Scouts with special dietary needs will meet with the dining hall staff to discuss their specific needs and accommodations. Please note although we will make every effort to accommodate every allergies and special dietary need, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate every situation - especially if highly specific/severe or if not given adequate notice.

If you have additional questions regarding our food service or your specific dietary needs, please contact the Minsi Trails Council office at 610-264-8551 or by email (campminsi@minsitrails.org). Please know we will do everything in our power to provide accommodations for those who need it.



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